Melanie Reilly, Certified Level III Pilates Instructor

After moving to Estero from Connecticut, Melanie began practicing Pilates, thus beginning her journey in the Pilates method.  In 2007, after her second child was born Melanie began to experience positive changes both physically and mentally while practicing Pilates.  Most notably in her body alignment, regaining core strength, and improving muscle tone. At this point, Melanie was compelled to expand her Pilates journey into becoming an instructor.

After three years, 500 plus hours, many workshops, and countless trips to Miami and Ft. Lauderdale for multiple training sessions Melanie has completed and holds a Comprehensive Level I, II & III Certification through Peak Pilates, which includes beginner to advanced level mat, reformer, tower/cadillac, chair, barrel & small props Pilates Exercises. The Peak Pilates certification is based on the classic pilates method concentrating on rhythmic, fluid and focus - connecting one movement to the next to build greater strength flexibility and endurance.

Outside of Pilates Melanie enjoys being a Mom to two young children, volunteering her time for school functions and charity events.  You will most often find Melanie with her family either at the little league field for her sons baseball games or practicing volleyball with her daughter.  She also enjoys being on the water whether paddle boarding, boating or fishing and enjoying the beautiful Florida weather.

"Fitness and living a healthy lifestyle are very important to me.  Pilates has truly been a journey - as is life.  What Pilates has taught me has proven to be an invaluable lesson to bring with me through my life journey.  In everything I do, I always rely on what Pilates has taught me in the Six Principles of Pilates; Centering, Concentration, Control, Breath, Precision and Flow of Movement."