Top 3 Benefits of Pilates Plus Barre Class

Not Your Ordinary Barre

Unlike other classes where you use the barre 50% of the time, this class is designed to utilize the barre most of the class in creative, muscle burning ways.

Sculptor at Work

Barre + Pilates chisels at the thighs and glutes like no other method. When you combine the two you have one of the most effective leg sculpting workouts around.

Arms Anyone?

Our use of tubing and spring resistance from the tower when working with the barre provides sure-fire toning techniques for the upper body and arms.

What to Expect in Barre Class

80% of the class will be utilizing the barre in some way. Hands, feet, legs or tubing will be on the bar.

The equipment used in the class: barre, roll down bar, arm springs, leg springs, moon box, little balls, resistance tubing

Lots of extension and rotation exercises are incorporated in the class

Focus also placed on strengthening ankles and feet which can help prevent against cramping

The class will challenge balance and core stability with more standing exercises.

The class stays true to Pilates principles putting core strength to the test in standing, sitting, and kneeling positions.

You will be standing most of the class utilizing the various springs and props and of course the barre.

Studio Policies

Pilates Plus reserves the right to cancel classes and/or sessions for any reason. All classes require two or more participants. If only one person has signed up for a class it will be cancelled. We will do our best to fit you in to another scheduled class.

All appointments and classes are subject to a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you fail to cancel prior to 24-hours in advance you will be charged for the full amount of the scheduled session.

If you have not shown up within 20 minutes of your scheduled session time, you will be charged the full session fee. The teacher is not responsible to stay past 20 minutes if you have not called to say that you are coming.

Teachers are subject to change due to scheduling or emergencies, and that if another teacher is made available, you are still responsible for keeping your appointment if it is within 24 hours of the session or class time.  (If you have requested a certain teacher all efforts will be made to contact you, therefore please keep us updated on new phone numbers and contact info.)